COMMercial units

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Commercial Units available from 32'-60' Wide and 8'-20' Tall

Engineer Certified 170mph and 35psf

32x20 34x20 36x20 38x20 40x20 42x20 44x20 46x20 48x20 50x20 52x20 54x20 56x20 58x20 60x20
32x24 34x24 36x24 38x24 40x24 42x24 44x24 46x24 48x24 50x24 52x24 54x24 56x24 58x24 60x24
32x28 34x28 36x28 38x28 40x28 42x28 44x28 46x28 48x28 50x28 52x28 54x28 56x28 58x28 60x28
32x32 34x32 36x32 38x32 40x32 42x32 44x32 46x32 48x32 50x32 52x32 54x32 56x32 58x32 60x32
32x36 34x36 36x36 38x36 40x36 42x36 44x36 46x36 48x36 50x36 52x36 54x36 56x36 58x36 60x36
32x40 34x40 36x40 38x40 40x40 42x40 44x40 46x40 48x40 50x40 52x40 54x40 56x40 58x40 60x40
32x44 34x44 36x44 38x44 40x44 42x44 44x44 46x44 48x44 50x44 52x44 54x44 56x44 58x44 60x44
32x48 34x48 36x48 38x48 40x48 42x48 44x48 46x48 48x48 50x48 52x48 54x48 56x48 58x48 60x48
32x52 34x52 36x52 38x52 40x52 42x52 44x52 46x52 48x52 50x52 52x52 54x52 56x52 58x52 60x52