Garage & Shed Supply dot com started as a small retail dealer in the Southern Virginia area.  With one retail location, we saw immediate success and hoped to one day expand into other areas.  As we worked the process we kept hearing the same thing over and over "Thank You". So many of our customers would say "Thank You for calling me back" or "Thank you for getting me a quote" and we found that there is an overall lack of quality dealers in the industry. We asked ourselves, "How can we reach more people, how can we help more people?" The answer was Garage & Shed Supply dot com. 

In today's busy world many consumers turn to the internet to find answers and get ideas for upcoming projects or important purchases. If you are looking for a new metal building or Amish style shed, we are the place you should start. Garage & Shed Supply dot com services Southern Virginia and Central North Carolina with our stick built sheds, and we are licensed to sell our metal structures all over the East Coast and beyond. A small family owned company whose roots run deep in servicing the public. We are who we are, and we are successful because we care about our customer. Just contact us to find out.